I’ve worked on multiple websites in a variety of industries over the last ten years via an international web company. In 2014, I went solo. The following are a few of the websites I’ve recently created via ThinkYOU Media and Namaste Media. Click on images to enter each site.

The following are a few examples of professional writing I’ve completed recently. I wrote most of the copy on the left example below, APEG. View blog posts I’ve written via the example provided from Grey Suit Retail. For other writing samples, visit the Writing page.

Online Media Management refers to social media posting at determined and set levels for each individual organization’s needs and goals. The following are two examples of companies whose online media I currently manage using a mixture of  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The following are examples of design I’ve done for the Muskingum Recreation Center. Images are chosen and text overlays represent current offerings. Images are posted on the website and social media. Click on each to enlarge.

Newest Logo Creation: