Inquiry & Discovery


Through the INQUIRY & DISCOVERY Process you’ll begin to understand your company’s brand, key messages and ultimately how your content strategy will flow online. This process is completed either in person, via Skype or with a written questionnaire.

IA Identification


INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE, also known as IA, determines how your site will flow and how the end-user will access key information. In this step we use the information uncovered in INQUIRY & DISCOVERY to map the structure of your site. We’ll also identify calls-to-action, main navigation and sub navigational components of your website.



Content development includes COPYWRITING. In this step, you’ll determine who will write the copy (you or us) and you’ll understand how important copy is to your site, and how it supports your brand and SEO (search engine optimization) for your industry or niche.

Layout Options


In this step we’ll explore all of the many PAGE LAYOUT OPTIONS available to you (an endless amount) and continue to set up the flow and structure of your website.

Intuitive Design


In the INTUITIVE DESIGN phase we identify the “uniquely you” qualities of your website and online media presence. We’ll discuss UX (user experience) and what it means, as well as fonts, colors, image and other features.



Here all of your goals, ideas and inspiration begin to become reality. Your website is designed or redesigned and developed with your input as we go along.



Launching your website should be planned. We’ll help you with that and instruct you on all of the things you should do to make your “great reveal” a success.

Ongoing Support


After the site has launched there is still a lot more to do. In this phase you’ll continue to promote and market your site and we’ll discuss ongoing training and support so you can completely “take over the reigns.”